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Inuit IT’S TIME Toolkit

​​​​​​​​The TEACH Project and Tungasuvvingat Inuit (TI) are excited share an Inuit-specific version of IT'S TIME - Indigenous Tools and Strategies on Tobacco: Interventions, Medicines and EducationThe goal of this toolkit is to support health care providers and allied health workers (collectively known as helpers) in helping Inuit in quitting or reducing tobacco use. This toolkit is a co-created resource developed by TEACH, TI, and an Engagement Circle of Inuit stakeholders, helpers, educators, and Elders. The development of this toolkit has been informed by the guiding principle of Two Eyed Seeing (Marshall, 2004). All of these materials can be freely copied, shared and adapted.

This toolkit includes:

  • Helper's Guide: six 90 minute sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy incorporating Inuit Ways of Knowing
  • Helper's Condensed Guide: one page summaries of key activities to guide each of the six sessions
  • Helper's Resources: background materials to support activities in the Helper's Guide
  • Participant Booklet: handouts and worksheets corresponding to the content of each session

Marshall, A. (2004). Two-Eyed Seeing. Retrieved from:


1. Helper's Guide.docx

1. Helper's Guide.pdf

2. Helper's Condensed Guide.docx

2. Helper's Condensed Guide.pdf

3. Helper's Resources.docx

3. Helper's Resources.pdf

4. Participant Booklet.docx

4. Participant Booklet.pdf