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​​​We are a dynamic, interprofessional team working to support knowledge mobilization, research, education, and clinical initiatives related to tobacco dependence treatment and healthy behavior change. 

​Looking for other opportunities?

Students and Volunteers 

At INTREPID, we offer research training opportunities for:
  • Research Co-op Students and Research Placement Summer Students​
  • Research Pract​icum Students
  • Research Volunteers

Our scientists offer expertise in the areas of epidemiology, public health, addictions, pharmacology, evaluation design, and implementation (quantitative and qualitative).


​Clinic​al Training ​Opp​ortunities

INTREPID Lab offers clinical placements and rotations for psychology interns, psychiatry, pediatric and family medicine residents and fellows, nursing and social work students.​​​​​​​

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quoteu2.pngAlexandra S.​
"Working at the Nicotine Dependence Service (NDS) this summer was a very valuable experience for me. Knowing that the work I was doing would eventually help individuals get the tobacco cessation support they need was very rewarding and has inspired me to continue doing work in health research."
Alexandra Fourth Year Bachelor of Arts Student, Psychology (Honours)
University of Guelph

Quotes.gif ​​​​Tara M.G
​"The Nicotine Dependence Service (NDS) felt like a family. Everyone was so supportive and willing to share their knowledge and experience. This experience and exposure to various activities and initiatives made my studentship at NDS a pleasant and invaluable experience."

Tara, Master's Student, 2013-2015, University of Toronto

quoteu1.pngJaanuha S.
"As a co-op student at the Nicotine Dependence Service (NDS), I am thankful for the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and gain a vast amount of knowledge about both quantitative and qualitative analyses. NDS offers a very supportive, safe, and friendly learning environment that highlights the importance of teamwork and collaboration."
Jaanuha, Fourth Year Mental Health Specialist & Neuroscience Major
University of Toronto

quoted2.pngRashiqah R.
"I started at the Nicotine Dependence Service (NDS) as a summer co-op student with the knowledge translation team. My experience was so great, I decided to stay on for another year and a half as a volunteer during the school year. I am currently in my last year of my Master of Social Work program and I have NDS to thank for that."​

Rashiqah, Final Year Master's Student, Social Work, University of Toronto​


Dave F.

"During my time at NDS, I shadowed physicians working in addiction medicine, attended group-therapy sessions for those attempting tobacco cessation, learned about addiction medicine from a wide variety of health professionals, and performed independent addictions research. Thanks for the wonderful experience!"

​Dave, Third Year Medical Student, University of Toronto

Quotes2.gifBenjamin F.

​"The NDS has a unique institutional culture that not only makes its trainees feel adequately challenged, but also welcomed and supported. It was a pleasure working here!"

Ben, Third Year Medical Student, University of Toronto

Melanie W.
"Working as a summer student (and volunteer) at the Nicotine Dependence Service (NDS) was an incredibly positive experience and has made such a significant impact on my career. Thank you NDS for teaching me and providing me with so many opportunities in such a supportive environment."

Melanie, First Year Master's Student, Psychology, McGill University​

quoteu1.png Sreedevi K.
"Working as a summer student at the Nicotine Dependence Service (NDS) was an enriching experience. I would highly recommend a placement here if you want to know more about tobacco addiction, its concurrent disorders, and how to apply this knowledge in a research context. Everyone was very supportive and I really felt like a part of the larger team at NDS!"
Sreedevi, First Year Master's Student, Social Work, University of Toronto

Each year, INTREPID Lab hosts over 20 different learners, observers, and volunteers through academic practicum placements and studentships at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels.

A placement at INTREPID offers an enriching and fast-paced environment that is unique in providing exposure to clinical, knowledge mo​, research, and education-related activities in an integrated service. By joining INTREPID, you can help support our  vision to shorten the gap between research and practice. All placements are tailored to the learning goals of our students, established in collaboration with their respective supervisors. Exposure to this professional environment and interdisciplinary team can provide you with a valuable experience, and helps to inform your future career path by meeting and/or shadowing a range of team members.​