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Patients and Caregivers

​​​​​​​​​​Anyone who has tried to quit smoking will tell you it isn't easy. In fact, it often takes several attempts to quit smoking before one is successful. Here at INTREPID Lab (formerly Nicotine Dependence Service), we offer various client-centred supports, acknowledging everyone's unique goals, challenges, and needs. Explore further through the links below:​​

The Nicotine Dependence Cl​​inic (NDC) at the ​Centre​ for Addiction and Mental ​Health​​​

​​The NDC provides treatment options for​ CAMH patients to quit smoking, i​​ncluding providing support from a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, counselling support, and more. Now offering virtual services.

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​STOP Program

The STOP program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health, and provides tobacco cessation treatment either through local Ontario-based healthcare providers​​, or online via our STOP on the Net program. 

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O​​pportunitie​s for Pa​tients to Participate

Discover ways to participate in our innovative research & programming. Please note that as a participant, you may be eligible to access certain treatments. Get involved today by clicking below! 

Self-help ​​Resources

Looking for more resources to learn more about quitting smoking, or about habits that can affect your quit journey? Find self-help tips, tools, and guides on these and more to help you be successful in your tobacco cessation journey.

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​​​​​​​Resources for Fa​mily, Friends, and Caregivers​

​Check out our resources for family, friends and caregivers if you would like to learn how to support someone who is trying to quit smoking.​

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