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Family, Friends, and Caregivers

​​​​​​​​​​​​What's it like for some​​​on​e who is quitting tobacco use?

"Smoking for me was something I was very ashamed of. I didn't let some family members know because they would have been disappointed in me. I hid in my apartment and smoked and went to great lengths to hide the smell and so on. That stress alone made me feel worse about myself. I don't think I am out of the woods yet, however I feel much better about myself. I am not lying to others ​and most importantly I'm not lying to myself." - Patient

"I think that quitting smoking is very difficult. I believe that I just have to keep trying to quit. I started smoking again, but plan to use the rest of my patches and try again within the next week. If I fail again, I have to try again." - Patient

Imagine trying to remove all sugar from your diet. Everywhere you turn, there it is. Treats in the coffee shop, sugar in the meals you're having with family or friends, and candy you carry in your bag or pockets. What do you do to avoid these "temptations"​? How will this be different if the sugar were cigarettes?
If you are trying to support  someone you care about to quit smoking, it's important to give them the space to make the changes on their own timeline and terms. As mentioned before, quitting can be very challenging, and much more so if there is pressure to do so!​

If you want to understand more about smoking, you can read about triggers, cues, cravings, slips, and relapse.

Are you and your partner at different places in regards to changing tobacco use? Read more about speaking with your partner and asking for s​upport​.

​There are also resources available or family members, friends, and caregivers and self-help resources for yourself.