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Triggers and Cues

​​​The urge to smoke can be triggered by a habit to smoke, your daily routine, and your memories of smoking. Memories of who you smoked with, when, where and why can all be triggers or cues to have a cigarette. When you are trying to reduce or quit smoking, cues that lead to cravings can be difficult. Cravings won't last forever. The longer you have not smoked, the less your daily activities will remind you of smoking and cigarettes. ​Here are some examples of common cues, and some tips on how to avoid them (Click the link to download:Common Cues and Tips to Avoid Them.pdf): 


It is helpful to know your own personal cues so you can plan what you will do when they happen.​ One way to do this is to keep a smoking diary. Each time you smoke, write down your cues. Here is an example:​​

smoke diary.png 

To download a blank copy of the cue diary that you can print out and useclick the link to download:My Smoking Diary.pdf. When you know what your cues are, you can learn how to manage them.​​ For additional ways to deal with cravings or cues​.

​There are many triggers and cues that can cause someone to relapse; meaning to smoke again. Learn more about slips and relapses.