How To Participate in STOP

The STOP program offers free nicotine replacement therapy​​ (NRT) and other supports and resources to help people quit or reduce smoking.​

There are two ways to participate in STOP, however please note:​

  • You are not able to enroll in both within a 12-month period 
  • You must be a resident of Ontario, Canada
If you are ineligible at this time, please access our list of self-help resources for additional support. ​​


​​ 1. ​  Join on your own through the internet: ​​STOP on ​the Net​

Helping you quit smoking cigarettes without needing to visit a clinic. STOP on the Net is easy to access, fully virtual and based on scientific evidence. Enroll online any time and receive free quit smoking medication for 8 weeks mailed to you within 2 weeks of enrollment. 

 2. ​  Join t​hrough a ​participating
  healthcare provider 

If you are a patient with a Family Health Team (FHT), Community Health Centre (CHC), Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic (NPLC), or Addictions Agency in Ontario, ask if they are offering the STOP Program, and follow their instructions to enroll. You will receive free quit smoking medication and counselling support.


noun_help_487129_F38F19.png Have more questions​ about the program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions​ page.