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STOP Program Consent Form - Frequently Asked Questions

​​This FAQ was developed to help answer some commonly asked questions about the STOP Program. Please note, the information in this FAQ does not replace the STOP consent form. Please review the consent form thoroughly before providing your consent.


Q: What is the STOP Program?

A: The Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) Program is a program funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health. It is designed to support you in your smoking cessation journey by providing behavioural counselling and up to 26 weeks (within a one year period) of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) free of charge.


Q: How long is the STOP Program for?

A: You will be enrolled in this program for 1 year.


Q: What will I be asked to do as a part of the STOP Program?

A: During your first visit, you will be asked to complete a brief survey about your health, tobacco use, and personal information such as income and job status. There are no right or wrong answers and you do not have to answer a question if that is your choice.  At 3-, 6- and 12-months post-enrollment, you will be asked to complete a follow-up survey. The surveys take a few minutes to complete and will ask you about your smoking and related behaviours. It is important for you to complete these surveys so we can assess the impact of the program.


Q: What if I no longer want to continue in the STOP Program?

A: Your involvement with the program is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time. If you choose to withdraw, you will not be contacted for the follow-up surveys. The information you have provided up to that point will be kept to analyze in the future. For other treatment options, please contact your health care provider.


Q: Who can view my personal health information?

A: Your health care provider and STOP Program staff at CAMH will have access to your personal health information. All reasons for collecting your information, and the purposes of using your information, are outlined in the consent form. The person accessing your file or contacting you for program purposes must maintain your confidentiality to the extent permitted by law. 

Q: If I have any questions about the STOP Program, who can I contact?

A: Before you consent to the program, if you have any questions about the STOP Program’s treatment offerings, you can ask your health care provider. If you have questions about how your information is collected or used by CAMH, contact or 416-535-8501 ext. 34455​.

Q: I am looking for the STOP Program Privacy Statement and Consent form!

A: Here it is! 

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