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Welcome to the Nicotine Dependence Clinic (NDC)!

​​​​​​Located at 1025 Queen St West in Toronto, the NDC is part of INTREPID Lab (formerly Nicotine Dependence Service) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).
Our team works with you to develop a treatment plan, and offers evidence-based comprehensive treatment that may include counselling counselling support, groups, medical consultation, health teaching, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and medication prescriptions. Read more below under Services.

To book an appointment:

Patients can self-refer. ​​Call Access CAMH at (416)-535-8501, select option 2 and ask ​for the Nicotine Dependence Clinic.
If you are an existing patient at CAMH you can ask your provider to submit an “internal order” to NDC.

After booking your appointment:

You will receive an e-mail with details about our clinic including what to bring to your first appointment, and

you will complete an assessment package in advance of your appointment (can complete via e-mail).


output-onlinepngtools.pngServices at The NDC​

Our team of therapists, nurse, and doctors at the NDC are ready to support you in your journey to quit smoking or vaping.​ The clinic also offers specialized treatment for pregnant women, youth, and individuals with other substance use issues, serious physical or mental health concerns. 

1. Individual appointments

Different members of the clinic team will meet with you to address different aspects of your treatment journey.

Assessment by a therapist: 
Our therapists will review the assessment you completed in advance of your appointment with you or your support person. This information will include your tobacco use history, current use, other substance use, medical and psychiatric illness and other relevant information. This will help the therapist develop a treatment plan together with you.​

Treatment appointments with nurse or doctor: 
Appointments with our nurse or doctors are part of the treatment plan for most patients. At your initial medical consultation you can discuss options for treatment with medication and at follow-up appointments, how you are responding to the treatment will be monitored and treatment will be adjusted accordingly. We prescribe quit smoking medications that include Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patches, gum, lozenge, and inhaler; bupropion (Zyban/Wellbutrin); varenicline (Champix); and cytisine. 
Other appointments:
There are voluntary research studies and other programs offered at the NDC. The benefits of joining such studies or programs is that you can get access to new treatment options or medication free of cost, and the information you provide will help researchers and program implementers improve future treatment options.

2. Group appointments

Counselling support is usually provided in group sessions. Typically these sessions are held in-person, but during the COVID pandemic sessions may be offered virtually (video meetings).

​Check in + Chat Workshops (in-person)
This drop-in workshop group to assist clients with achieving/maintaining abstinence or reduction for commercial tobacco smoking/e-cigarette use. Members of this group may be at any stage of change with respect to their commercial tobacco or e-cigarette use. Each session discusses pharmacological, behavioural, emotional/psychological and environmental coping strategies and tools. Topics range on a weekly rotational basis from nutrition, relaxation, medication, coping strategies, art therapy, etc.
6-week Skills Group (virtual)
Learn about getting unstuck when it comes to quitting, developing a change plan, sticking to the change plan, and relapse prevention. Connect with our treatment team for further details on how to join this 6-week group.
Ongoing Support Group (virtual)
​This group offers support, tips to quitting, and help to prevent relapse for anyone at any stage in their journey to quit smoking. The support group is offered weekly and attendance is optional, but registration with our treatment team is required.

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