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Research Training Opportunities

Research training opportunities are available for in the following capacities:

Research Co-Op Students and Research Placement Summer Students

We, at INTREPID Lab (formerly Nicotine Dependence Service), accept undergraduate co-op students from the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC), and summer students from recognized post-secondary institutions. If you are a UTSC co-op student, you must be enrolled in a recognized co-op education program and will earn credit towards your degree or diploma. If you are a summer student, you must be enrolled in a recognized post-secondary program. Students will be supervised by an assigned INTREPID scientist, who will determine the student's project. 

If you are a student at UTSC, contact the Employer Development Coordinator:  

​​​Siobhan Flanagan Dell (she/her)
External Relations Officer
Arts & Science Co-Op, University of Toronto Scarborough



If you are a student enrolled at a post-secondary institution and interested in a summer student research placement, please check back soon for our Summer 2024 opportunities. You may also consider other avenues of applying such as through opportunities we may have through the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program.


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Research Practicum Students

INTREPID Lab accepts research practicum students from recognized post-secondary institutions throughout the year (typically Master's and Doctoral students). This placement satisfies post-secondary program requirement for practical training outside the academic classroom. Your assigned supervisor will be an INTREPID Lab scientist who will determine which project you will work on and if the placement is paid or unpaid. 

There are currently no postings.

If you are student interested in a research practicum, contact an INTREPID Lab supervisor directly for more information and available opportunities:

​Dr. Scott Veldhuizen
Project Scientist, INTREPID Lab (formerly Nicotine Dependence Service), CAMH

Phone: 416-535-8501 ext. 77288​

Dr. Laurie Zawertailo
Senior Scientist, INTREPID Lab (formerly Nicotine Dependence Service), CAMH

Phone: 416-535-8501 ext. 77422

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​Research Volunteers

​Our research volunteers at INTREPID Lab are able to gain valuable experience interacting with research staff and assisting with a variety of tasks to support INTREPID research studies and programs. As a volunteer, you will work with your supervisors to collaboratively develop a learning plan, and you will have regular check-ins to maximize your learning. You will have the opportunity to commit to a maximum of eight hours per week.​

For more information, contact the placement coordinator for research volunteers:

​​CAMH Volunteer Services


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