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MI in Respiratory Health Care Toolkit

​​​​​In conjunction with the Ontario Lung Association's Smoke-Free Homes and Asthma Project, TEACH has developed the Motivational Interviewing in Respiratory Health Care Toolkit, a trainers' toolkit specifically for health care providers working in respiratory health to learn and apply motivational interviewing in their practice. This toolkit incorporates the expertise and feedback from a provincial needs assessment survey and a diverse curriculum planning group.


This toolkit includes:

  • Facilitation tips and suggestions
  • Learning objectives and detailed lesson plans
  • Presentation slides and speakers' notes
  • Clinical video vignettes and coded video transcripts
  • Interactive exercises and case examples

1-1 Introduction.pdf

2-1 Presentation tips.pdf

2-2 Seven Tips.pdf

2-3 Accreditation.pdf

2-4 Teaching Resources.pdf

2-5 Teaching Webliography.pdf

3-1 Lesson Plans.pdf

3-2 Lesson Plans.doc

3-3 Fac Slides and Notes updated Apr 2015.ppt

3-3 Fac Slides and Notes.ppt

3-4 Fac Slides and Notes updated Apr 2015.pdf

3-5 Activities.pdf

3-6 Case Examples.pdf

3-7 MI Skill Cards.pdf

3-8 Teach_back cards.pdf

4-1 MI Handout.pdf

4-2 Agendas.pdf

4-3 Agendas.doc

4-3 Agendas.pdf

4-4 Part Slides updated Apr 2015.pdf

4-4 Part Slides updated Apr 2015.ppt

4-4 Part Slides.ppt

4-6 Video Transcripts.pdf

4-7 Resources List.pdf

4-8 MI Cheat Sheet 1.pdf

4-9 MI Cheat Sheet 2.pdf

5-1 Fac Evaluation.pdf

5-2 Part Evaluation.pdf