The STOP Portal

Enabling health & wellness programs to deliver treatment support for smoking cessation & co-occurring chronic disease risk factors 

The STOP Portal
is a software application powered by clinical algorithms, designed by medical researchers to deliver ​​​​quality care. 

Solution for any size practice, organization or company​​​

​​​▥ Healthcare organizations

Single-site or multi-site providers that want to introduce or enhance their smoking cessati​on care service​ ​

​​ Solo practitioners

Physicians, allied health professionals and other health-related service providers who want to assist patients and clients to quit smoking  ​

▦ Health systems and insurers 

Provinces, health systems and other payers that want to implement a smoking cessation program across the system or in parts of it. Two configurations: provider intermediaries or direct-to-consumer. 

​​​​▢ Non-healthcare service providers 

Employers, unions and others who want to enhance the benefit package to their stakeholders. Our direct-to-consumer configuration does not require in-house expertise for quit smoking treatment. 


This is how the STOP Portal works and links with your processes 

  1. The patient/client fills out the intake assessment tools in the Portal. Staff/provider share the link to the Portal with the patient/client.

  2. Portal software executes clinical decision trees and presents care recommendations on-screen in real-time for any risk factors that exist

  3. Providers/staff implement the recommendations or the patients/clients do in the direct-to-consumer configuration 

  4. The Portal sends automated follow-ups to patients/clients to monitor outcome and reconnect with treatment if they relapsed 


​​​Here is how the STOP Portal benefits your practice or organization​​​

✔​​​​  Speed of implementation

Initiate a smoking cessation program to your offerings within weeks. No software installation. ​ ​

✔​​​​​  Whole-person care

Automated screening and care recommendations for chronic disease risk factors that co-occur with smoking  ​

✔  ​A validated solution 

Built on 15 years of clinical research with 300,000 patients 

  ​High quality of care 

8x quit rate compared to when people try to quit unassisted​ ​

​✔​​​​  Increase staff capacity

Guided workflows, so it can be used by providers in any discipline without specialized trainings ​ ​

✔​​​​​  Reduce pressure on time

Patient/client access it from anywhere to complete questionnaires, leaving less for staff/providers to do  ​

✔  Less cognitive burden for providers 

Automated personalized on-screen care recommendations based on guidelines 

  ​Ongoing support 

Operations trainings and knowledge exchange forums, plus optional competency trainings​ ​

✔​​​​  Reporting & analytics​

Or​ganization- or practice-level dashboard and on-demand, self-serve reports ​ ​

​✔​​​​  Secure ​

Built to handle Personal Health Information (PHI), and verified with Privacy Impact Assessments and Technical Vulnerability Assessments ​ ​


Using the STOP Portal to advance the mission toward healthy lives
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