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Resources for Providers

Welcome to the resources for providers page, a hub healthcare providers looking for more information and tools to support their clients who are seeki​​ng​ to quit smoking.​ 
Vaping Cessation Guidance Resource
The Vaping Cessation Guidance Resource and accompanying List of Assessment Tools have been developed to help healthcare providers support their clients (adults and youth) who want to quit vaping.

Lower Risk Nicotine Use Guidelines (LRNUG)
The Lower-Risk Nicotine Use Guidelines (LRNUG) share the current state of evidence on tobacco and other nicotine products, including e-cigarettes.

COVID-19 Opioid Agonist Treatment Guidance

A consensus interim guideline for management of opioid agonist therapy within the COVID-19 context


  • ​​MI Trainers Toolkit ​was developed to help support health care providers working in respiratory health care with Motivational Interviewing.​
  • Diabetes Prevention Toolkit​ can be used to train lay health educators on diabetes prevention and management.​​

My Change Plan

A workbook patients can use to help put together their quit plan.

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Addressing Dual Alcohol and Tobacco Use

Alcohol consumption and tobacco use are closely linked behaviours.  Treatment outcomes for patients who are dual users of both alcohol and nicotine are generally worse than for people using only one substance.​