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E-Cigarettes and Vaping

​Our team at INTREPID Lab (formerly Nicotine Dependence Service) is leading a range of projects on vaping and e-cigarette use, including the development of resources that both clients and healthcare practitioners can use to help guide their decision-making. Click below to review vaping resources that may be of interest to you.

Health care provider giving guidance
Vaping and Electronic Cigarette Toxicity Overview and Recommendations (Project VECTOR)

Project VECTOR provides healthcare providers and clients with recommendations, tips, and frequently asked questions about the health impacts of e-cigarette use. Project resources were created in collaboration with subject matter experts and people with lived experience. Click below to learn more.

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Lower-Risk Nicotine Use Guidelin​es

Looking for guida​nce​ on nicotine and harm reduction? The Lower-Risk Nicotine Use Guidelines (LRNUG) share the current state of evidence on tobacco and other nicotine products, including e-cigarettes. Click 'Learn more' to access the guidelines and associated resources.

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Health care provider giving guidance

Vaping Cessation Guidance Resource

Are you a healthcare provider looking for guidance supporting your clients who want to quit vaping? The Vaping Cessation Guidance Resource (also available in French) and accompanying List of Assessment Tools have been developed to help healthcare providers support their clients (adults and youth) who want to quit vaping. Click below to download the resources.

​​​ Guidance Resource​ »  Guide d’abandon du vapotage​ »​​  Assessment Tools  »

Talking about Vaping / Parler du Vapotage
Are you a healthcare provider who finds it challenging to discuss e-cigarette use with your clients? Our team has developed animated scenarios to provide a roadmap for you in navigating difficult conversations around e-cigarettes with your clients. Click ‘Learn more’ to watch the clinical scenarios.

Êtes-vous un prestataire de soins qui à du mal à discuter l’usage de la cigarette électronique avec vos clients? Notre équipe a développé des scénarios animés pour vous offrir une feuille de route en naviguant des conversations difficiles concernant la cigarette électronique avec vos clients. Cliquez “savoir plus” pour visionner ces scénarios cliniques. 

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​Vaping Webinars

Keep up-to-date with the latest evidence, and hear what the experts have to say about vaping and e-cigarettes through our ongoing vaping webinar series. Click ‘Learn more’ to register for upcoming webinar events, and to watch recordings of previous ses​sions​.​

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