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Practice Leaders

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To facilitate and enhance knowledge transfer of tobacco dependence treatment across Ontario, TEACH has engaged over 300 TEACH-trained health care providers located across Ontario's Tobacco Control Area Networks (TCANs) to act as tobacco cessation Practice Leaders. 

TEACH Practice Leaders have self-identified areas of interest/expertise to help support organizations, communities, and regions in their tobacco cessation efforts. These areas include:

  • Clinical consultation
  • Conference speaker
  • In-service or community-based trainer
  • Link to information and resources
  • Media interviews

​​If you are interested in contacting a TEACH Practice Leader, simply click on the PDF below according to your TCAN region to access their e-mail address, and outline the nature of your request in your e-mail.​

​DisclaimerThis is a voluntar​y activity. Requests sent to Practice Leaders are contingent on their time and availability. Costs may associated with some requests. The coordination of any trainings or in-service requests are to be supported by you or your agency. All individuals listed on this site have completed the TEACH Core Course however, TEACH does not pre-screen Practice Leaders and listings on this site do not imply any endorsement by TEACH of individuals' knowledge or skills. ​