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​​​How can using tobacco affect pregnancy?

​​A pregnant women is connected to the fetus by an organ called the placenta. The placenta sends what mom eats, drinks and breathes to the fetus. The nicotine, carbon monoxide and tars in cigarettes can be passed through the placenta if the pregnant woman smokes.

​Because of the carbon monoxide in cigarettes, less food and oxygen are passed to the fetus. As a result, women who smoke often have babies that weigh less and may have less developed organs such as the brain or lungs. It is also possible for these babies to be born premature. A baby who weighs less or is born premature is more likely to have health problems and usually will need to stay in the hospital after birth.

​What ca​n I do? ​

This may seem like a lot of information, but, there is good news! You can smoke less, quit smoking or stay quit. We are here to help. You've started on an important path. You can learn more about quitting or reducing your use of tobacco and find support to quit​​.

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