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Nutrition and Eating Healthy

​​Eating healthy when you are quitting or reducing smoking is helpful. 

Eating healthy will give you more energy and will help with some of the stress of quitting or reducing smoking. Many people who qu​it or reduce smoking find that they eat more food than usual. Here are some common reasons why:
  • Eating keeps hands and mouths busy.  
  • Food often smells and tastes better when you stop smoking. This can make you want to eat more.  

​If you find that you are eating more than usual when you are quitting or reducing, try to have healthy food like celery or carrot sticks, fresh fruit, unbuttered popcorn or vegetable chips. Eating healthy will also help if you are concerned about weight gain when quitting or reducing smoking.

What foods are nutritious and healthy?​

Health Canada have many recommendations for eating healthy. To learn more about your own nutritional intake, create a food guide for yourself.